Broadcast – A News System for MyTCG

I created this years ago but decided to release it to you all! If you run into errors, please let me know! I have created it for myself so I had to adjust some stuff and it might have a few kinks. 🙂


Broadcast is an update plugin to use in conjunction with MyTCG.

– Comment system (user must be logged using their MyTCG login)
– Edit, delete past entries
– Automated deck previews
– Section to add new members, level ups, masters, game updates, and affiliates
– Wishes area

1. Upload all files to your TCG folder (the files in the MyTCG folder should be uploaded to your MyTCG folder)
2. Run create_blog.php located in the MyTCG folder (i.e.
3. Add the link to the updates.php somewhere in your MyTCG header
4. Start updating by clicking “add update” from the updates page


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