OhExcite.Net Hostees

Hi! I wanted to apologize for the sudden change in hosts for ohexcite.net.. I still have all the backups and files though so nothing is lost! If you were hosted on ohexcite.net, I can transfer your information to tag-publicity.com OR send you your files. Just email me at tinaxo@REMOVETHISgmail.com

Sorry again everyone!

Hello There!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has been well. I actually have not been. The reason I disappeared from the face of the earth (okay… TCG world) was because life truly got the best of me. I had every intention of coming back from my vacation and resuming updates with my TCGs but after we got back from Maui, my mom’s health started to go down hill. I missed a lot of work taking her to doctor appointments. She stopped working at the end of April and then in May she was hospitalized. She was released but she just never got any better. In July she was hospitalized again and after three weeks in the hospital, she passed away.

I’m not sure if you guy remember but my dad passed away last April so to lose both of my parents in 16 months was a very traumatic experience and something I don’t wish on anyone. With that being said, I was in no way ready to start up with TCGs again.

I also do not have access to 99% of my stuff because my computer got a virus and I haven’t fixed it. I didn’t really see the need to since I have my MacBook Pro and TCG cards just look super funny due to the retina thing.

However, I do plan on *trying* to get back into TCGs. What is even out there still? Let me know!

P.S. I updated this website to be on WordPress. The exchange is acting funny and I have to look into that.